Gallery of clavichords

On this page you will find a selection of the instruments I made in the last years:

Clavichord, double fretted (2014)
copy of Hubert, 1784


Pedalclavichord, fretted (2016)
2×8′ 1×16′


Travelclavichord, double fretted (2017)

based on anonymous from the late 17th century


Clavichord, triple fretted (2017)
Copy of Anonymous “Praetorius”, ca. 1620, now in Edinburgh


Clavichord, double fretted (2017)
with broken octave and split sharps


Renaissance-Clavichord, multiple fretted (2018)
loosely inspired by the Anonymous in Edinburgh


Clavichord with 5 octaves, double fretted (2018)
based on Hubert models


Clavichord, double fretted (2019)
oil-painted case


Clavichord, double fretted (2019)


Clavicord, double fretted (2020 model)


Travelclavichord, double fretted (2020)