Gargazon – Gargazzone

Perhaps some might wonder what makes this small and little known  village in South-Tyrol so peculiar. The answer is simple: nothing.

Square with St. John Church and Gantkofel mount in the background

Gargazon has no major natural or artistic monuments, it has not given birth to important people, it is not home to famous industries and is not a tourist destination. It is just a small village like many others; and it’s a real bless, because this has allowed a natural development based on the needs of its inhabitants and without prestige-ambitions. Nothing is imposing or overpowering and everything has a human size. From the church to the restaurant, from the playground to the graveyard, everything has a pretty appearance without pretentiousness.

This familiar and sans souci aspect, goes very well with the dominant colors of the landscape, which are green of woods, river and fields and blue of the sky.

Waterfall and Medieval tower with Tyrolean flag.