“And this sweet artifact of many voices produces a really natural sound, as if it were a full choir of musicians”

Of all instruments, the most noble and perfect is the organ. This musical machine with a thousand facettes has managed to pass with ease from pagan arenas to Gothic cathedrals; from the Renaissance palaces to cinemas, because every era has sensed its real greatness.
The organ is capable of representing equally well both the grandeur of the heavenly choirs, and the heartfelt sweetness of human supplications; it is certainly one of the most extraordinary technical and cultural products of civilization.

Starting from the mid 18-century, the organ sadly abandoned secular music and began to constitute a world by itself; however, unlike other instruments, it has never fallen into disuse and indeed, many historical organs have come to us in service (and in most cases they are playable upon polite request). Whatever your favorite instrument might be, I highly recommend you take a journey through this wealth of great sound.