The realm of the clavichord is the place where music and thought meet”

Of all keyboard instruments, the only one which allows the performer to influence the sound even after it has begun is the clavichord.

Despite its mysterious origin, it was in use for about 500 years, from the 14th to the 19th century, and is by far the keyboard instrument that allows the most expressive nuances; but also the most challenging to play.

For centuries unbearable tool for practice and composition, today it is unfairly neglected because of two of its characteristics: in first place it sounds too soft to be used in large executions; secondly it has the rude inhabit of mercilessly putting the player before his own limits…

To those who approach it with the right spirit, however, the clavichord opens up a completely new musical insight on lots of literature. I make no mistery that the clavichord, especially the pedal-clavichord, is my favorite home instrument. Since information is scarce, not always accurate and the quality of the clavichords in circulation often doesn’t do justice to its true potential, I decided to dedicate a section to this lovely little instrument.

Is the clavichord right for me?

History of the clavichord

Judging a clavichord

Gallery of clavichords